Legislative Activity

National Issues

The Arizona Restaurant Association’s government affairs team serves as a liaison for the National Restaurant Association on federal issues and with our congressional delegation. Current federal activity includes:

  • Affordable Care Act
  • NLRB Joint Employer Definition
  • Department of Labor Overtime Rules
  • Union Organizing
  • Immigration Reform

State Issues

The Arizona Restaurant Association’s government affairs team advocates on behalf of the restaurant industry the Arizona State Capitol. Arizona’s legislative session begins the second Monday in January, typically continuing for at least one hundred days. In this time, our in-house lobbyist proactively represents the restaurant industry’s interests as well as monitors any harmful legislation that may hurt our business. Current activity includes:

  • Minimum wage and nonwage compensation clarity
  • Employee scheduling regulation preemption
  • Employee scheduling regulation preemption
  • Wine shipment requirements
  • Service animal regulations

County and Department Issues

The Arizona Restaurant Association’s government affairs team consistently communicates with the fifteen counties in Arizona as well as the department agencies that interact with our business. Current activity includes:

  • County Environmental Health Department inspections
  • ServSafe Alcohol Training Certification
  • Maricopa County Air Quality Department’s NO BURN campaign
  • Maricopa County Human Services Department’s workforce programs

City Issues

The Arizona Restaurant Association’s government affairs team monitors against city ordinances harmful to the restaurant industry. Current activity includes:

  • Paid Sick Leave Mandates
  • Plastic Bag and Auxiliary Container Regulations
  • Minimum Wage Increases
  • Liquor License Fee Increases



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