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Since 1939, the ARA has been proud to serve as the voice for Arizona’s restaurant industry. We strive to keep our members and the public informed about critical issues that impact dining consumers and restaurant and vendor businesses that comprise Arizona’s restaurant communities. Through national and local resources the ARA taps into several information reservoirs to provide a comprehensive overview of current news, trends, regulatory changes and operational guidance.

Arizona Restaurant News Monthly E-Newsletter

The official publication of the ARA, Arizona Restaurant News is a monthly long format e-newsletter, reaching restaurants throughout the state with vital information about current industry news, innovative business ideas, legislative updates and vendor resources.

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On-the-Menu (OTM)

ARA On the Menu is a one-of-a-kind innovative e-newsletter for Arizona’s restaurant industry, providing Members weekly messages from the ARA President, an NRA message to Arizona’s restaurateurs, updates about industry news, regulatory insight and business guidance.

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