Restaurant Hospitality: The Industry of Opportunity

We’re recovering, we’re growing and we’re hiring.

Arizona’s restaurant industry helps fuel the state’s vibrant food and beverage scene. From hidden gems to large, five-star resorts, there are unique opportunities throughout the industry, with room for advancement and a chance to build a career, not just get a job.

We’re recovering, we’re rebuilding — and we have career opportunities at every level. Come join the fast-paced, fun and vibrant food and beverage scene!

Stop in your local restaurants and apply today!

8 in 10 restaurant owners started their careers in entry-level positions.

Arizona restaurants had an estimated $15 BILLION in sales in 2021.

Source: National Restaurant Association

Restaurants hire more first-time workers than any other industry: 1 of 3 people got their first job in the restaurant industry.

Source: National Restaurant Association

The restaurant community has its own unique vocabulary – call it 'restaurant language' – that most people who've worked in restaurants know.

Example: "In the weeds" means the worker is overwhelmed by work, but even asking for help would take more time than the server has. 'I'm in the weeds!'

There were 309,200 restaurant and food-service jobs in Arizona in 2018 which equals 11% of employment in the state. And by 2028, that number is projected to grow by 15.8% resulting in 48,700 additional jobs bringing the total up to 357,900.

Source: National Restaurant Association

More restaurant language: servers and bartenders are often called 'front of house' workers. Dishwashers, cooks and other kitchen staff are often called 'back of house' or 'heart of house' workers.

Source: National Restaurant Association

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